Software: Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, 3dsMax, Maya, ZBrush, Adobe, Unity, SVN

Programming: Max Script, MEL, Python, C#, Java, Cg, Hlsl, Glsl

  • 3D Animation: Rigging (including Skeletal Animation for games), Skin Weighting, Modelling (high and low-poly; hard-edge and organic), UV Mapping and Unwrapping,
  • Pipeline Optimization, Shaders and Tools Creation
  • Competency Strengths: Problem-solving / Trouble-Shooting, Communication with multi-disciplinary teams, Project Management and Leadership


Technical Artist (June 2011 – Present)
GameLoft Toronto, Canada
Games: Epic: The Official Game, UNO & Friends, Dungeon Hunter 3, Fashion Icon, Texas Poker For Prizes, several unreleased
  • Created custom character rigs, authored and maintained animation pipeline
  • Optimized game levels and shaders for an unreleased console game
  • Created tools to allow artists to test character customizations
  • Developed exporters and importers for 3dsMax and proprietary software to various game engines
  • Ported existing art assets to work on different devices
  • Created efficient, versatile custom shaders in different languages and softwares
Technical Artist (Dec 2009 – 2011)
Ganz Woodbridge, Canada
Games: TailTowns MMORPG, Mazin’ Hamsters, TailTowns Friends, Amazing World
  • Implemented and tested new or updated software for the Art Department
  • Planned and produced prototypes of new art procedures with an eye towards technical innovation
  • Increased productivity and work quality of team by developing artist templates for new procedures and complex items
  • Developed training documents,
  • Provided technical direction and support for all artists in a team of 25
  • Led the setup/rigging/modelling of all characters on various games under development on various games
  • Led a team to develop a system for customizable/swappable clothing on player characters, both geometry and textures that work in tandem and a system of rules to govern them that worked within the limitations of the game engine.
  • Collaborated with the development team to create the pipeline design, framework, implementation, and batch exporters needed across multiple applications
  • Held sole responsibility of pipeline batch processing of completed assets
  • Authored all MEL Scripts, including:Created low-poly assets for a video game in development
  • Render scripts for in-game icons  based on the CG asset
  • Automated play blasts of animations each  separated by defined properties
  • Animation tools
  • Automated technical checklists
3D Generalist (Contract/Freelance)
Hatch Studios Toronto, Canada
TV Commercials: Kid Cuisine and Kid Cuisine (Shrek edition)
  • Created detailed CG models of character clothing used in TV commercials within detailed specifications
3D Generalist Artist (Oct 2008 – Sept 2009)
Bullseye Video Productions Toronto, Canada
TV Program: Machines! (for the Discovery Channel)
  • Created highly detailed, complex and accurate CG models of machines showcased during the TV Program under tight deadlines
  • Rigged, UV’d, and animated the assets, also adding dynamics
  • Collaborated with colleagues to problem solve difficult tasks and worked closely with editors, writers, and directors.
DMR Artist (Sept 2008 – Sept 2008)
IMAX Toronto, Canada
Film: Eagle Eye: The IMAX Experience
  • Digitally re-mastered film quality to remove imperfections caused during the film creation and/or IMAX process.
  • Replaced selected parts of the film frames, using roto-scoping, multi-layered image blending and image cleaning in Apple Shake and other in house tools to achieve the best film result possible.


3D Animation (2007 – Sept 2008)
Seneca College 
Toronto, Canada


Classical Animation (2001 – Sept 2004)
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Oakville, Canada


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