recent adventures

Things have been busy at work and home lately, but I’ve manged to dig into a few interesting things, such as weak referencing in 3DSmax to solve the file referencing issue. This was quite a fun task, and with the help of some great documentation from Paul Neale. I was able to expand it into the Meta Rigging tool set, I’m building at work. Having a real passion for rigging and expanding those skills, I loved this new adventure.

I’ve also been poking around with JavaScript doing some events for Photoshop. Not my favorite language, especially since I’ve been doing more C# at home with Unity. I’ve seem to have grown a bit of a preference for strongly typed languages. Anyway, the documentation for this task was easily my biggest time sink. Simple tasks such as local file handling and reading the registry on your local machine, seems so normal and there is TONS of documentation for it.. If your doing it for a website. Not so much for what I was intending.
A few dynamic batch files later, a few parsers, and things seem to be working nicely.
Not as clean as I’d like, but like all passes at a task, there is always ways you’d improve it afterwards.


Here you will find all the random, various technical jibber jabber I encounter along my ventures as a Technical Artist.

For instance I am a huge fan of Valve’s Left 4 Dead 2, love the game, love the tech. I was reading link

It was a great read, and quite interesting on how they used a black and white gradient combined with small color texture to achieve a colorful, efficient, visually appealing multitude of zombies.